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Dear friend,

I’m sure you have already participated, or at least have the intention, in some collective tastings led by a producer or expert sommelier.

Have you been attracted by communication, by the quality of the wines or, simply, you have become curious about some new labels.

They are extraordinary, exciting experiences that enrich our culture and allow us to discover notions, places and obviously wines that we would hardly have tasted in any other way.

Virtual tastings

Now, however, we have to deal with something unpleasant and unexpected, the cursed Covid 19 which is, among other things, erasing any possibility of aggregation and group fun.

So what is the solution? Waiting for better times without knowing when they will arrive?

Fortunately, the answer is no and it is technology that gives us the solution. The most far-sighted (and I am among them) successfully organize excellent alternatives that, in complete safety, allow you to live a fantastic experience. That’s how.

The wines, carefully selected from the most famous producers or some niche rarities, are conveniently shipped to your home in ultra-safe packaging. A dedicated digital platform allows participants to enjoy the explanations, stories and secrets in great comfort.

Comfort and sharing

It is possible to share the tasting with whoever you prefer, comfortably on the sofa at home, without the need to take the car and drive to the meeting place.

You can decide the quantity of wine you want to taste by freely pouring everything you want to drink on the glass: wonderful isn’t it?

But the biggest advantage is certainly that of being able to participate comfortably in pajamas, without uncomfortable heels for the ladies or stuffy ties for the men: just turn off the camera!

On my page, in the virtual tasting section, you will find all the information to immediately live this fantastic experience, what are you waiting for?


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